Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance involves protection against damage of the vehicle and destruction of property. While dealing in air travel, one has to bear certain risks concerning aviation. Insurance is the only way you can make sure that the risk factor is minimized. Repairs and liability of aerial vehicles are very costly and beyond most people’s means.

If you have aviation insurance, it already takes away all of your worries regarding expenses in cases of mishaps and accidents. You will not have to bear the burden of heavy costs as the insurance will provide coverage for that.

We offer you the best aviation insurance policy that you can find. It covers the placement of hulls, excess liability and liability in case of aviation related accidents or risks. You can opt for a policy that takes care of all your needs and requirements. Advanced Taxi Brokerage has expertise in the area of devising aviation insurance policies based on a thorough analysis of pricing and development factors. We excel at the tailoring of a unique insurance policy that can also be customized to specific requirements.

You can submit your inqueries to our brokers or representatives who have extensive knowledge in areas of air traffic control, commercial pilot operations as well as landslide operations.

Otherwise, these are the types of coverage that you can get through our aviation insurance policy:

  • Non-Commercial liability and hull
  • Commercial liability and hull
  • Fixed base operators liability
  • Manufacturers product liability
  • Helicopter hull and liability
  • Unmanned Aerial vehicle hull and liability
  • Excess liability

Our company can provide you complete and one hundred percent coverage or you can opt for quota share coverage. In aviation, you cannot hope to function smoothly if there is no insurance for your aerial vehicles. You need the protection and security in case of accidents, collisions, severe damage and other such incidents.

Since the risk factor is quite high, so is the chance of liability claims. Aviation insurance helps you against those and even provides coverage for medical attention if need be.

If you have not decided on an aviation insurance policy as yet, it is time to swing into action. The sooner you get it done, the better.  This insurance guarantees peace of mind as you no longer have to worry about aviation accidents and costs incurred. One of the biggest concerns here is hull placement and liability, both commercial and non-commercial. Aviation insurance provides comprehensive coverage for that.

The insurance offers separate coverage for aircrafts that people can look through. It is imperative that you get the aircrafts insured immediately since the expenses involved in their repairs and maintenance are huge. In cases of accidents, there are medical costs to be incurred along with the repairs and damage to property.

Aviation insurance takes care of all those and protects you from any liability as well. In case of a legal action, you will also be provided with assistance and defense. If you have any more questions and require details of the policy, you can contact our brokers for details and customization as well. 

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