Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Water travel has its fair share of risks and challenges. However, there are a number of enthusiasts who like to keep boats and many other water based vehicles which enable them to enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, paddling or just sightseeing. If you happen to be the proud owner of a boat, chances are that you are well aware of the problems which can arise when you are on the water.

In order to avoid harm to the boat, crew and yourself, you need to get boat insurance. It will not only provide you with the much needed peace of mind while on water but also protect you and the crew from all kinds of harm and injury.

We can provide you with the insurance of your boat at a reasonable price. You can completely rely on this coverage and take your boat out on the water without worrying about damage or injuries. At Advanced Taxi Brokerage, we understand that avid boaters have specialized insurance requirements and needs. Our network of brokers can guide you on the best policy to opt for and answer any queries you may have regarding the coverage.

The representatives and brokers cannot only help you gain access to the most suitable policy for your boat but also assist you with:

-Saving money through reduced boat insurance premiums and discounts.

-The understanding of the entire claims process.

-Gaining access to tips and expertise regarding boat maintenance and safety.

As a boater, you obviously want the best kind of insurance policy and service. Typically, the watercraft liability insurance covers all the boats listed on the policy declaration and any other that you use as a replacement. A boat that you operate whilst yours is being repaired is also covered by the insurance. The boat insurance policy’s coverage extends to rented and borrowed boats as well.

Our boat insurance policy provides you with security and protection in case of damage and injury to you, any member of household and the vehicle. If anyone on the boat fall victim to an accident, the insurance covers all the costs and medical bills. As far as property coverage is concerned, the policy helps pay for damage to the boat in case of an accident with another boat or a collision with a pier, dock, buoy and even debris. Sometimes, it so happens, that another object or watercraft can hit a docked boat, causing a lot of problems for the boat owner. The insurance provides coverage for that as well.

The extent of the boat insurance policy is not only restricted to collisions and accidents. If there is an incident such as theft, vandalism, fire, natural disaster or an animal attack, the insurance will cover all the costs of the damage. It is important that you consider these factors when applying for boat insurance. Repairs of the vehicle are costly and insurance makes it easier to manage. You can find out more about the coverage types and particulars from our nearest broker or representative.   

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