Cap, or the Commercial Automobile Policy, Livery Program provides insurance coverage on livery vehicles to operators managing a transportation system that involves driving in and out of New York City. The insurance coverage also offers reduced premiums for the policy holders who have a good driving record and minimum damage records.

CAP Livery segment covers New York City Cap Livery, Green Taxis and Outside the City, Cap Livery.

  • New York City, Cap Livery

The CAP livery program provides coverage to organizations that have one or more vehicles operating within the confines of New York City. The number of vehicles covered by insurance is subjective to policy and TLC requirements. Only non-medallion vehicles can avail insurance under this segment, while medallion vehicles are provided coverage by our Yellow Medallion Taxi business line. The vehicles liable to be covered under this segment must have radio communications and a radio base within the City. They should also be licensed and authorized by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Street fares are not billed to these vehicles since they are dispatched over wireless radio communications.

  • Green Taxis

These Green Taxis, introduced to the streets of New York in 2013, have become a staple component of the transport system. Serving on the go customers outside Manhattan, the green taxis are liable to insurance coverage under both private and corporate segments. Advanced Taxi Brokerage provides coverage for the green taxis under car service, if the vehicle is being operated by the owner, and as well as CAP livery.

If the vehicle insured is operated by any organization or corporation, then the insurance coverage will be provided under the CAP livery segment.

  • Outside New York City, Cap Livery

The CAP Livery program also covers vehicles which operate outside and beyond the City. This includes areas through the New York State.

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