Cap Commercial

Cap Commercial

Cap, or Commercial Auto, is a program which provides insurance coverage to the vehicles being operated by skilled workers or tradespeople. The skilled workers and tradespeople, who make their living by providing delivery, improvement, maintenance and delivery services at various commercial and residential locations, are considered liable for insurance under this segment. It also includes people who work at new construction sites.

The CAP policies have been written primarily for the five boroughs of New York City and areas across the New York State. They provide insurance coverage to businesses that are run privately or owned by a large corporation.

Under the CAP programs, there are two types of vehicles insured; light trucks (GVW of 10,000 pounds and less) and medium trucks (GVW of 10,001 to 20,000).

The business use has been classified as:

-Service Use; transporting the insured’s tools, personnel, equipment, as well as other incidental supplies from one location to another. This classification primarily applies to automobiles or vehicles which remain parked at the job location for the day or are specifically used to transport personnel in between locations.

-Commercial Use; this is for automobiles that transport property as well as the insured’s tools, personnel, equipment and other incidental supplies to a number of locations across the city.

-Retail Use; this includes automobiles or vehicles used to deliver or pick up property from one individual household to another.

The following businesses listed below are covered by CAP program

  • auto parts
  • appliance delivery 
  • cleaning services
  • carpenters
  • carpet cleaning and installation
  • caterers
  • electricians 
  • drywall
  • fence installation
  • furniture delivery
  • flooring
  • general contractor
  • janitorial and maintenance services
  • masonry
  • landscapers
  • nurseries
  • pest control specialists
  • painters
  • plumbing
  • refrigeration
  • roofers and vending-machine repairers

Advanced Taxi Brokerage along with all these business types also provides insurance to garage based clients that are involved in the transportation and storage of vehicles.

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