Car Service

Car Service

Car Service

The car service insurance covers non-medallion licensed livery cars and private vehicles as well. Those individual owners or drivers who operate their vehicles within the confine of New York City are liable to get their vehicle insured as per TLC requirements. There is a list of minimum insurance requirements that every vehicle filing for insurance must possess, depending on its type.

This car service insurance also provides coverage to green taxis and radio carrying community cars.

  • Green Taxis

These were launched in 2013, and have been servicing customers on the go outside Manhattan. The areas around entail heavy traffic, which the Green Taxis aim to relieve. Advanced Taxi Brokerage provides insurance for Green Taxis under two business segments; car service and CAP Livery as well. If the insured is the owner or operator of the vehicle, then it is going to be underwritten as a car service but if the insured is an organization or a corporation, then the vehicle will be considered under CAP livery.

  • Community Cars

The community cars are privately owned and managed passenger vehicles which provide transportation through the five main boroughs within New York City. Any community car which facilitates this pre-arranged transport should be connected to a radio base sanctioned by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. Basically, these radio bases which are authorized by the Commission allow community cars to set their fares.

Advanced Taxi Brokerage is a dedicated insurance company that offers its customers and brokers the best of services as well as value for money. The transportation and brokerage network developed by the company is quite expansive and growing with time. With business segments including a wide range of vehicles, customers do not have to worry about their livery or private cars operating on the heavily traffic routes of New York City.

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