Limousine Insurance

Limousine Insurance

Managing and operating a limousine business is quite challenging. The customers want reliable service from the business owners, whether it is driving their guests around the city or picking and dropping someone from the airport. In a heavy traffic area, this can be tricky. As long as the business owner is able to manage the demands of their customers, navigate through traffic congestion and most importantly, be on time, they are going to remain in business.

If the limousine develops a problem or breaks down, the driver should be able to fix it immediately and get back on the road as soon as possible. In order to ensure that your limousine remains in top condition at all times, you need to have the right kind of insurance. Accidents and injury while driving are also fairly common, and if you want to avoid a huge liability claim, then you have to make sure that you are insured.

Companies providing limousine insurance have specific commercial auto insurance which matches the requirement of the services. Since the limousine business involves transportation of people, you need an insurance policy which is risk free and leaves you protected against a liability claim.

Advanced Taxi Brokerage offers limousine insurance which includes:

-Personal injury limousine insurance; this covers the accidents and injuries which may be incurred on the limousine. The coverage ranges from medical bills, lost wages to rehabilitation and even in unfortunate cases, funeral expenses. It will also safeguard you in the case of pedestrian accidents.

-Uninsured and underinsured coverage; this coverage protects you or your driver in case of an accident caused by another who does not have the means to pay for damages incurred.

-Bodily injury insurance for drivers; this will protect you if your driver gets into an accident which happens by their fault. It includes legal fees, medical bills and rehabilitation.

-Property damage; the insurance includes damage of property caused by you or your driver whilst on a job.

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