Since the 20th century, the yellow cab Taxi has been an iconic symbol for transportation in New York City. The taxicab, with its yellow and widely recognizable paint has been highlighted as an essential component of the city in various books, TV shows and movies. This yellow taxi was first introduced to the streets of New York City in the last century and since then, has seen numerous upgrades as well as technological changes.

Nowadays, the roads and streets of the city see many hybrid vehicles being used for transportation, along with the green taxis operating along the outer boroughs. All this is significant of the diversification and evolution that the New York City transportation industry has witnessed through the years. With the progress of technology, cars and vehicles have upgraded, improving the travelling experience drastically, for both the passenger and driver. Almost every one of the taxicabs out on the streets of New York City now has GPS, credit card readers and information monitors. These along with many others are considered standard features in taxis and passenger vehicles.

People who are on the go constantly and need to hail cabs frequently, regard the yellow taxis as a valuable transport across the city. Operating around the heavily trafficked area of Manhattan, these yellow cabs are regulated by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. The drivers of these cabs are licensed and managed under medallion system.

Despite the taxi industry witnessing many changes over the years, Advanced Taxi Brokerage remains committed to providing valuable coverage and insurance to cabs all over the city. Our broker network can be contacted for insurance details, with the selected brokers providing insurance coverage across the five main boroughs. Insurance can be availed by the owner or driver of the vehicle, individual owner, designated driver and taxi fleets as well.

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